Hi Guy’s, As I stated previously in my last article this is a complex subject with a lot of moving parts, that is why for me it is crucial to understand these parts and how they fit together, today we are onto Affiliate Marketing.

The last article was a touch longer than I initially was hoping…so from now on I will hope to make them a bit more condensed and today’s topic base around one element Affiliate Marketing.

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Affiliate Marketing made easy

So, what is Affiliate marketing, Affiliate marketing is a form of online marketing in which most online business compensates an affiliate (You) for the traffic or consumers generated by his marketing efforts.

The incentives are cash or goods, and they are given out in exchange for completing an offer or recommending a friend to the programme.

This process involves the merchant, network, publisher, and customer.

This sector has recently become more sophisticated with the advent of secondary parties such as affiliate management agencies, third-party vendors (specialised), and super-affiliates.

It works by simply referring users to the merchant’s main web page (Landing Page) or by diverting traffic to the merchant’s own site via the affiliate’s website.

Affiliate Marketing

This is also known as revenue sharing between online retailers and affiliates briefly. Affiliates are then compensated based on the number of user clicks, sales, or registrations they drive to the merchant’s site from their own traffic source.

Affiliate marketing enables marketing procedures to be automated as well as remuneration for specified actions.

Merchants like this internet marketing strategy since it uses a “pay per performance” model, which means they do not have to pay for marketing their products until the affiliate achieves the desired outcomes.

Commerical Collaoration wins

Affiliate marketing is a type of commercial collaboration in which you, as an affiliate, promote a

Merchant’s services that is not identical to your own produce or service.

This implies you will not need your own products to get started with affiliate marketing. All you must do now is sell your business supplier’s services and products.

This is how it works: you must have a web page with a link to the merchant’s main website or online store for your users or visitors.

How It Works

If one of your site visitors clicks on that link and purchases something from the merchant’s website, you will receive a commission or referral fee.

In this case, you are the one driving traffic to your merchant’s website via your own website.

The retailer will pay you when a visitor from your traffic source purchases something or registers (Subscribes) for something on their site.

A unique affiliate link is assigned to your web page, allowing the store to track visitors who come from your method of traffic generation.

For a single business, several affiliate links are authorised, and all of them will direct customers to the retailer’s website.

Use Cookies on your site

Another efficient affiliate marketing strategy is to use web page codes or web cookies. Even if your visitor clicks on the affiliate link but does not make a purchase on the merchant’s website straight away, this is an intriguing method to profit.

The mechanism at work here is, when a user clicks on the link, a cookie is installed on his computer, indicating that he has visited the merchant’s site and identifying your page as the referral source.

The cookies on the user’s computer will still recognize the purchase as a referral from your affiliate link, if the user buys something from the merchant’s online store a few weeks later and types the merchant’s web address straight into his browser.

Because cookies have an expiration date, you will need to read the affiliate program’s conditions carefully to figure out how long these cookies will last.

The success of affiliate marketing has paved the way for the rise of many internet firms, like Amazon.com, which now has thousands of affiliates.

Most internet businesses have links at the bottom of their website promoting affiliate programs, this is a good way to generate an income as you can have adverts or recommend retailers in articles/reviews etc.

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