Hi Guy’s, Today’s content is about Tips on E-mail Marketing methods…there is a saying that I sure you have heard “The money is in the List” and this is so true.

To be successful in this business you need buyers and having a subscriber list that you can promote to is the most valuable asset you can have.

We are now onto the fourth article in this series, and I hope you are finding helpful, I must admit I am not the best writer in the world, but I am enjoying complying this series for you.

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Looking after the customer’s you have is vital and treating them as real people not just a number on your list.

Customer satisfaction is key

I am on many lists myself and do not like it if I get bombarded with pointless e-mails that are trying to sell me any old stuff…. I am sure you are the same.

Right, let’s get into it!

E-mail Marketing for the best results

E-mail Marketing is one of the best and cost-effective ways to advertise your business/product on the internet. To conduct an effective and successful e-mail campaign and obtain the results you want, you will need the right information.

Using e-mail’s is a sort of direct marketing strategy that sends commercial messages to your target audience via e-mail.

It is the practice of sending communications to previous or current customers to persuade them to do business with you repeatedly, as a result this will build your business connections.

E-mail marketing can be used to recruit new customers as well as encourage existing customers (Subscribers) to make a one-time transaction or a recurring income.

Advantages to use

There are several advantages to using this type of internet marketing. To begin with, almost everyone on the internet has an e-mail account that they regularly check.

Using this kind of communication, advertisers can easily target people who have signed up to receive frequent notifications about issues that interest them. It is inexpensive and has a speedy effect.

Three types

The three types of e-mail marketing are direct e-mail, intermediary e-mail, and retention e-mail.

An email correspondence that incorporates commercial sales content is referred to as “direct e-mail.”

These are usually sent to customers who have used a specific product or service before, as well as potential customers in your target market who would like and benefit from the service you are offering.

Direct Mailing

Direct mail marketing can be done with a company’s e-mail list, a purchased or shared e-mail list, or a list obtained from a third-party source.

These third-party companies may already know which audiences can be reached through email marketing, or they may conduct research to discover which e-mail addresses will result in the most conversions or responses for your business.


Retention e-mail, also known as newsletter mail, is intended, and developed for promotional objectives. Because they want to leave a lasting impression on the customer’s mind, their material is more than just a sales pitch.

Retention mail is more informative, highlighting the benefits of a company’s products or services.

Intermediate E-mail

The term “intermediate e-mail” describes a message delivered by a company, these have been delegated by the principal provider.

They are sent for advertising and marketing generally to a list of subscribers that the intermediary company typically owns.

To be efficient in e-mail marketing, you must constantly only share useful information. Only send messages to your clients if you believe they will benefit from what you are about to offer them.

You must also draught an informative and concise title to attract your customer’s attention while sending these e-mails.

Check your message before sending it and use both text and HTML formats to ensure that it is received and read or give recipients the opportunity to view your letter in these formats.

Always be Honest & respectful

On a personal note, I would say that when sending e-mails to your own subscribers list, you should give an honest review about the product or service, people will respect you and retention of that person will benefit you for the future.

Ads you would a blog post be engaging but also do not write war and peace.

Ok, we are at the end of this post, and I do hope this has been helpful to you moving forward, till the next episode… take care and do drop me a line with your comments.