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Pop-up Marketing Adverts

I am sure you have come across a few of these pop-up ads while browsing the web. These are advertisements that appear after you have visited a website. Their purpose is to entice you to add your email address or to get you to visit their website.

Many people are seeing these pop ups ads and start to get upset by them, it has been an internet marketing tactic for many years now.

However, it hinders the readers from accessing material on the page that they are viewing, and therefore consumers are irritated by them.

Even though these advertisements are intrusive, they do have certain advantages. They are, primarily, significantly more effective than banner ads.

They have a click-through rate of approx. 15%, whereas banners have a click-through rate of only 3%. Pop-up ads are also effective, with a click-through rate of 6.5 percent. Because they are more effective, they are more expensive than banner advertising.

The return on investment from placing these advertisements, on the other hand, is significantly higher. Furthermore, no other images on the website will compete with the brand you are advertising because this ad is the only window on the page.

These advertising strategies have grown less popular in recent years due to the rise of pop-up blockers.

Banner Marketing Adverts

Let me explain what a banner ad is, it is a graphic, text, or image that appears on a website to promote a product or service.

These are critical in internet marketing and trade, even though they are simply a few lines of HTML code. Banner ads exist in several sizes and orientations, but the most common are rectangular and 486 x 60 pixels in height (full banner).

Banner ads do not have a defined size; instead, the size is determined by the website where they are displayed.

Because banner sizes add up to the total size of the web page on which they are displayed, many websites impose banner size limits. This results in lengthier loading times.

Due to their graphic features, banner advertisements may appear to be identical to those found in printed media such as magazines and newspapers.

These banner ads, on the other hand, have the potential to direct visitors to the advertiser’s main website.

If you want to advertise a banner on a certain website, you can either arrange for it to be placed with the publisher or pay a banner network to place it on many websites.

You might also strike a contract with the publisher to only show their ads on your site if they show your banner ads on theirs.

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