Hi Guy’s, Welcome back to another articles on Internet Marketing, this is the third installment in the series, and I will be looking at the best Article Marketing tips and my take on what it means.

So, starting a blog around any niche is good…the goal is trying to make it engaging!

This is not possible if you do not have a personal stake in the subject you are writing about, you are not going to show any passion within your content or relate to others who do. Planning your topic’s is also vital…therefore in this series of articles I thought long and hard about the content I was producing.

I decided when starting this series that to make it more readable to others I would use the trick of making a series, this gives your content an expectation and a wanting from the consumers…. So please enjoy.

The Craft of Article Marketing

So, all businesses use article marketing to an extent as a means of promoting their websites, products, or services on the internet by drafting brief articles about their industry (Just as I am doing now).

In this process you will submit keyword-focused content to large-readership article sites. The content will subsequently be circulated and published in the marketplace. Most people believe that article marketing is an important part of any online marketing strategy.

Your articles are meant to bring both knowledge and entertainment to web users. You should include the authors sources and contact information within these articles. The resource box may also include a link to the writer’s website to persuade people to visit it.

Research and Upload

The articles should be well-researched, crafted content articles, then routinely uploaded, and given for free to establish a better reputation in the industry/niche that it applies. These will then help an online business acquire new engaging customers. Most Internet marketers frequently submit material to article directories to maximize the results for their online campaigns.

To get beyond the internet’s duplicate content filtering mechanism, marketers routinely use an article spinning strategy, which means rewriting and rewording an original material to make it look new and distinct. This helps generate traffic from a variety of websites, including article directories.

Getting your article featured in niche blogs or focused content websites operated by others is an excellent and popular approach for article marketing. Please let me know if you are a guest blogger on one of the below sites. This presents your business to an untapped market of potential buyers.

In the body of your articles, which should be between 250 and 750 words long, it is usual practise in internet publishing to use relevant keywords and catchy headlines. Inserting keywords or keyword phrases in your articles, you can improve search engine traffic.

Article Directories

Out of the hundreds of article directories accessible, which ones should you submit your material to? One of the most time-consuming parts of this marketing plan is conducting research. Nowadays, businesses owners/professionals outsource their article marketing efforts, including the submission process. Three of the most popular article directories that I would suggest are EzineArticles, IdeaMarketers, and GoArticles.

Engage with People

Article marketing can also help build your e-mail list (Subscribers) by generating leads. You should make them an appealing offer (General a free or low-cost offer), the readers of your articles will then be more likely visit your website and sign up for your services.

With their contact information, you can start forming a sales-winning alliance with them. You will not be able to sell to your leads again if you do not accomplish this.

Add Quizzes

Quizzes, one-of-a-kind reports on a given topic, free consulting sessions, and free eBook are just a few of the nicest things you can give your audience. This will urge your readers to provide you with their e-mail addresses, which you can use to send them marketing and website information related to their interests.

Do remember that you should never take them for granted as they could easily leave, build a repour and gain their trust, this is especially important to any business.

The most crucial aspect of article marketing is persuading readers to visit your website and join up for or purchase a service. More potential leads or clients will be attracted to content that is factual, specific, and useful and serve their needs.

That is all for this episode, to your future success and do not forget to drop me line as I also like hearing about people’s journey into IM.