Welcome everyone! I just wanted to share a bit about myself, I am Steve Jones from the UK, I live in a beautiful part of the country called Buckinghamshire.

I am originally from High Barnet in North London and had a wonderful childhood, playing sports (Rugby, Football, Athletics) at school and socially and just having a happy life.

So where did it all start for me online!
Lets go back to the beginning when I first ventured into the world of online marketing, this is few years ago now!

Extra Dollars

Working all the hours for a civils company looking after electrical substation, I decided to try my hand at making a few extra dollars on the side, I always wondered if this was possible doing this online in my spear time in the evenings.
I didn’t really have any understanding about online marketing…how/where/what/why! starting a business seem very appealing, however it did amaze me how all those other people made it work.

So my first venture online was no different from many other peoples soiree…a big fat failure!
I was buying all the those products that promised the world, then spending all my time going through those so called courses and finding out they needed another bit to make it work.

Plus spending all my money that I didn’t really have and hiding the fact from my family…so depressing.
So I gave up! time and time again…but always returning again and again when I had a bit of spare
money saying to myself this time.

However, what I realised after so many times was, I was only really treating this as a pass time and
not a real business… so how was I ever going to make any progress.

Since that realisation I have decided to go all out and start to build my business, that is why I have come back to Partnership to Success training course and am now going to build
my business from the ground up.

I first started with John Thornhill P2S course many years ago but got very distracted by the other shiny objects around on the internet…. shiny object syndrome is a real problem for people trying to start in this business.

If you haven’t heard of this before, it is basically when you keep buying the next big opportunity that is promised by someone…That isn’t the way to start or proceed!

So this is it… a brand new start!

I have been around for sometime now and what I have seen is that people who stick at the P2S course, are like John states in the training….are going to make money.

So follow my journey and contact me, I would be very happy to hear from you and share my thoughts.


Steve Jones